Clear Your Path to Create Your Brightest Future with Thetahealers® from Around the Globe

Real Healers. Real Conversations. Real Changes.

Presents: A Premier Live Healers Event

Times: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Speakers and Readers
11:00 am Sharon Wacks Co-Host Welcome and Opening Healathon Mission, Meditation & Massive Transformation
11:30 am Barbara PerezWhere do beliefs come from?
12:00 pm Karshni GoundenDeepen Self Love, Increase Your Income
12:30 pm Flo AnkahJuggling your Passions and dealing with Overwhelm: Entrepreneurs, Healers, Artists
1:00 pm Angela Liebermann Adjusting to Life post-Pandemic
1:30 pm Sana NaseemHealing Money Trauma for Financial Abundance
2:00 pm Ines ŽigaSeeing ghosts – Helping with love.
2:30 pm Shelley MurrayFear
Additional Readers: Jennifer Lyons, Mariangela Mancuso

Times: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm Speakers and Readers
3:00 pm Sahara LeighAuthenticity and Moving Towards Yourself
3:30 pm Zsuzsanna ValasikMoney – 4 Levels of Beliefs That Affect Your Finances
4:00 pm Cassandra Briscoe Healing the Feminine and Sisterhood Wounds with Thetahealing
4:30 pm George ThormanCreating the Relationship of your Dreams
5:00 pm ThetaHealing Q & A with Co-hosts Sharon and Marie
5:30 pm Eva Reida Orgasmic Moneyfestation
6:00 pm Lisa Cantu KingStressed at work? Change that NOW!
6:30 pm Miro Heyink – TBD
Additional Readers: Barbara Ceccarelli, Kasia Seremet, Stacey Beverly

Times: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Speakers and Readers
7:00 pm Jessica BraceBuilding your ThetaHealing business with Video
7:30 pm Madeline Sol Beauty Programming
8:00 pm Don PaulMy NDE experiences
8:30 pm Collean O’BrienThe Magic of Time
9:00 pm Megha BradleyHealing Generational Agreements
9:30 pm Marie MillerJourney from to abuse to Soul Mate
10:00 pm Alexia ClondaTBD
10:30 pm Closing Mediation with Marie Miller
Additional Readers: Rabiah Troncelliti, Melissa Schumacher, Nilesh Modi, Hannah York